Lectures / Workshops

for magicians

The author bring you back stage to show you the art of quick change. Changing from one costume to another in a split second is not all about the costume itself! The logistics and misdirection in this branch of magic is almost more impressive behind the wings, than actually on stage. Hi-tech costumes UNPLUGGED - how do you get to become really fast at this?!

for professionals

After Lex Schoppi advisory activities for the Bayreuth Festival he held a seminar on the 500-year history of theatrical special costumes at the GT KOS, the International Society for theater costume makers.

Lex Schoppi

Lex is a author of several magic books. He publishs three magic books about quick change. Magicians and show theatres all around the world, famous illusionists from Las Vegas, even Cirque du Soleil are among the enthusiastic readers of this book, which was already half sold on the day of publication. The most important magic magazines and the crème de la crème of the international art of illusion praised the book on high.

If you are interested in this subject and would like to see this lecture, then please ask your magic society or convention organiser to consider booking this lecture.