Resume by Lex Schoppi


Lex Schoppi was self-taught in the art of quick change when he began to specialize on the subject at the end of the 90’s. He studied his art with amazing precision until he reached perfection and ventured on stud trips to investigate the history of quick change.

With his specialist publications Lex Schoppi contributed significantly to the popularity of quick change on the magic scene. In 2001 he wrote his first specialist article on quick change and already by 2003 his first book appeared at the FISM World Championships of Magic in Den Haag. In May 2005 he published his second book on quick change in the USA, which not only sold worldwide and was republished, but found its place on the day of release in the top ten best-seller list of magic dealers around the world. Today, four years later, it is still in the top hundred. International magic press and leading Las Vegas magicians recommend this book as a fundamental work of the art of quick change.

As a coach ad consultant Lex Schoppi advises magicians, television and show productions. In addition to three dozen different techniques, he has penned further inventions. Many of his ideas are available worldwide from magic dealers. During the world championships of magic in 2006 in Stockholm one of his creations was used in the “Best of Magic Gala”. His customer list reads like a “Who’s Who” from the international magic scene. Even “Cirque du Soleil” and Las Vegas magicians consulted the effects specialist for show costumes. Alongside television programs such as “World of Comedy - the best Comedians of the World” or the Euro-TV program he has prepared for example for the hit star Helene Fischer for her solo tour, for comedian Maddin Schneider and many others. He was the creator of the Illusions in the opening ceremony of the german music award show.

Since 2006 he has been travelling internationally under the name of LEX + ALINA with 10 Haute Couture costumes. As the only woman in the world his stage partner Alina has mastered the costume change in one second whilst bound. The costume changes of LEX + ALINA are among the quickest and most difficult in the world. In November 2006 both artists appeared as the finale of the “International Stars of Magic and Variety” gala show in London

short vita

  • first public Event: 1979 - at a shool festival
  • biggest public Event: 2008 - OPEN AIR in the front of 42000 People
  • biggest TV Show: Eurovision - Circus of the stars - over 10 million People


  • International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA)
  • Union mittelständischer Unternehmer e.V. (D)
  • Artistenloge Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig (D)
  • Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland e.V. (D)

Appearances in:

  • Germany
  • England
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Nederlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Austria
  • Swiss
  • Italy
  • Serbia
  • San Marino

Coach & Consultantance:

  • Europe
  • Nordamerika
  • Südamerika
  • Asien
  • Australien
  • at the Sea


  • “Best of International Magic & Variety” London
  • Festival “Fira Mágica”
  • Honorations-Einladung zum Presseball
  • Aerist of the Year 2008 - best Quick Change Show
  • ALLSTAR Listby Murphys Magic USA
  • “Author of the Year 2010 - MZvD
  • Artist of the Year 2011 - best Quick Change Show
  • Coverstory Magic Magazine (TLR)
  • Golden Wappen Republica di San Marino - 2013
  • several magic awards (Gold)


  • SWR Summerfestival - Gala Show
  • RTL “Best Comedians in the world” (magic consultance)
  • Eurovisions TV Show “Stars in der Manege”
  • Special Performance with “Germany’s Next Topmodel’s”
  • “Stars in der Manege” - “best of 50 Years”
  • ARD “Deutscher Music Preis ECHO” (magic consultance opening ceremony)
  • Benefiz - Performance für Hospital TV
  • RTL 2 - Family Doku - Gala Show Act
  • TV San Marino - Gala Show Act

Lectures for Magicians

  • Magic Convention MRA Austria 2007
  • Magic Convention MZvD Germany 2008
  • Magic Convention Dynamite Day Nederlands 2009
  • Magic Convention youth magicians MZvD Germany 2011
  • Magic Convention Wurzbach Germany 2014

Magic Conventions (Gala):

  • Magisches Pfingstreffen Winterberg 2006 - Galashow
  • Internationale Zürich 2006 - Galashow
  • MacMillan International Magic Convention London 2006 - Galashow
  • Fira Mágica 2007 - Barcelona - Galashow
  • 52. Austrian International Magic Convention - Wien 2007 - Galashow
  • Süddeutsche Meisterschaft der Magie 2007 - Galashow
  • Deutsche Meisterschaft der Magie 2008 - Lectureshow
  • Congresso annuale Internazionale - Abano Terme (Italien) 2008 - Galashow
  • ZAK ZAK Zauberkongress - Hohenzollern - Galashow
  • Dynamite Day - Niederlande - Seminar und Galashow
  • Jubiläum Magischer Zirkel Marl - Deutschland 2011 - Galashow
  • Internationales Festival der Magie San Marino 2013 - Galashow
  • Magisches Wochenende Wurzbach 2014 - Galashow