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"QUICK CHANGE 1 - rapid costume changes for men"

"QUICK CHANGE 2 - the making of a quick change act"

product bundle - SPECIAL DEAL + POSTER LEX & ALINA


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"QUICK CHANGE - rapid costume changes for men" Never before has there been such an extensive treatise on the subject. 4 LESSONS, 7 CHAPTERS, 15 SECRETS, 112 PAGES, SEVERAL HUNDRED combination possibilities for Quick Change methods.


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QUICK CHANGE 2 - THE MAKING OF A QUICK CHANGE ACT This book describes a complete Quick Change act with 12 designer costumes - female and male. This book will allow you to perform sensational costume changes at an unbelievable professional speed. The techniques described in this book explain in detail the maximum equipment to gain maximum speed. 

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This german book about costume change techniques for men points beginners in the right direction. The first 40 pages are intensively dedicated to the different techniques. The user is trained in 22 sequences to accomplish costume changes. The combination of individual sequences results in very fast complete costume changes. This is described through six examples.

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Poster Lex Schoppi & Alina

Lex Schoppi & Alina - Quick Change artistes

This is the officell poster from Lex & Alina Quick Change show. (by starphotographer Zakary BELAMY (Paris). DIN A3)

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