Lex Schoppi has a FX-Costume Workshop for magicians - this is devils place for tailoring.


Lex Schoppi is a FX-specialist for show costumes and Quick Change. As a coach and consultant Lex Schoppi advises magicians, television and show productions. His customer list reads like a "Who's Who" from the international magic scene. Alongside television programs such as "World of Comedy" or the Euro-TV program or the German Music Award opening ceremony he has prepared for example for the hit stars, top comedians, top models and many others. Lex Schoppi's FX-Costumes are high quality quick change wear.


Magic seen The European magazine for magicians and mentalists ", published in England, called Lex Schoppi as one of the world's leading experts on high-tech transformation of costumes. He can tailor the impossible. 


How it works?

Most clients come to us with a dream. They are looking for a Quick Change, but have no idea of how it should look like or whereit is employed. Our specialty lies in the fact filter out what the customer really wants or needs. Ideally, you have a clear idea of what kind of costume you want. Send and photographs or drawings of your dream and we will develop the technical solution.

Once it is on paper, what you need, we will take your measurements and produce you a special costume. After the fitting, we will fine-tuning the technology occurs. Once the costume is finished, we train the "Operation" field. We work with high-class garment cutters and finished some of it ourselves, so we pretty much be able to realize all of the prepared raw goods to haute couture.


Most clients come to us with the question: how much is? But thats different. Every costume is a single item with so many possibilities of technic and production. Fabric, system, quality is in fact different. In this reason we at first need

  • the dream (what you will do) 
  • the solutions (our brainwork)
  • the fabric we need / you wish (check the market)

 After this we have the answer "how much is?" Send us pictures for your idea and we can take a look