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Authentic casino style: The Quick Change Cummerbund changes colour instantly. A small movement and the colour changes from black to red, and back again whenever desired. Endlessly repeatable, no setup required as each colour change is the setup for the next.

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THE VEGAS SCARF This scarf may seem (!) And turns from black to red! The color change itself is enough eye-catcher, even Peter Marvey showed the Vegas him a scarf in the final gala of the FISM World Championships of Magic in Stockholm. The new Vegas Scarf change the color itself!! Whether  fast or slow - visual magic can not be more. The new Vegas Scarf is an automatic scarf.

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With this Gimmick you're in a position for a lightning fast colour change for your Bowtie with only one short movement in the back with the left or right hand. You will be able for a 6 fold colour change, perfect to use as a running gag, also if you work as an magician for children. Up to now everybody who saw this gimmick looked in disbelief. The Speed is incredible.

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A normal tie. The playing card is WOVEN into the material of the tie. 

This tie is also available with a special gimmick for a appearing card on tie. Available on demand

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