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QUICK CHANGE 2 - THE MAKING OF A QUICK CHANGE ACT This book describes a complete Quick Change act with 12 designer costumes - female and male. This book will allow you to perform sensational costume changes at an unbelievable professional speed. This book is published in high quantity, directed at serious magicians who are interested in learning the art of high speed costume changes at the top level. The techniques described in this book explain in detail the maximum equipment to gain maximum speed. The technique "tied ball gowns" differs substantially from old well-known classic costume changes as his new technique for the final costume is an innovative technique which resists the most demanding strains.

This is the sequel of QUICK CHANGE - rapid costume changes for men: Quick Change as an art of entertainment should suggest to the audience that you are actually able to dress and undress very quickly. It is not a question of changing the color of the costume. It is also not a question of changing the most costumes. It is foremost the harmonious interaction between the choreography, the rapid costume changes and above all the enhancing decoration which makes an arousing show out of the mundane change of a dress. The eyes are purposefully over stimulated to charge the human brain, and so an optical firework is created from a simple effect. In this specialty book you will gain a deep insight into the complexity of this quick change act and experience its creation in the form of a diary. The latest technical knowledge flowed into this presentation and is elaborately described. Both the costumes and the props are described in detail. The techniques applied here are hard-core and allow the speediest costume changes “par excellence”

Background: At the end of the year 2008 Lex Schoppi & Alina created a television act which amazed a television audience of more than 10 million. Now Lex Schoppi has put pen to paper and allows the reader a complete insight into the complexity of the whole quick change act. You get to see the effects from behind the curtain and understand what really happens within seconds. Apart from the technical subtleties, the author goes into detail of the correct presentation of the effects described. You get to see how a complete quick change act of 12 costumes was developed, how the costumes work, exactly why they performed in that way and how the difficulties were overcome. The techniques described in this book allowed the split second costume changes seen in the legendary television programme to be performed faultlessly.

144 pages hardcover 9.5" * 6.5" (24cm * 17cm)

171 diagrams drawings and photos



The Magic Circular (London)

"If you are planning a quick change element in your show, or are aching to see how it can be done, or if you want to read about the hard work that goes into an act like this, I think you'll find this book both enjoyable and useful."

Magic Magazine Aladin:

never before we have so much fun with a book

Magic Magazine MAGIE

You are right, if you search costume changes

Rafael World Class Magician:

I highly recommend this book! It will change the way you look at the art of quick change !

Lee Alex Merlin Award Winner:

The vivid realm of transformation for female and male performers!

George Diamond Quick Change Artist:

Excellent new ideas!!! That it is the greatest book on quickchange there is!

Mathias Fischedick TV Producer & Consultant:

The high scool of quick change - this book is a must.

Prof. Dr. Christian M. Thurnes Quick Change Artist:

The techniques represent a class of their own.


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