Poster Lex Schoppi + Alina

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Poster Lex Schoppi & Alina

Lex Schoppi & Alina - Quick Change artistes

This is the poster from Lex & Alina Quick Change show. (by starphotographer Zakary BELAMY (Paris). DIN A3)

The masters of transformation changing costumes completely, one after the other , and so incredibly fast that it borders on a film edit. They fascinate their audience with their magical cocktail of fashion consisting of 14 Quick-Change effects. Many a woman would dream of being able to marry in Alina's "work clothes"! Even items of Haute Couture clothing from renowned French designers have been incorporated into this branch of variety entertainment. Wonderful, long, dresses and overcoats make this spectacular act one of the quickest and most difficult in his trade. Alina is the only woman in the world to master the split second costume change whilst still bound in less than a second.

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